AS SSD Benchmark 32-Bit

AS SSD Benchmark Trusted uploader

AS SSD Benchmark

A free utility program determines the performance of fixed drives on computers or smart devices as an SSD Benchmark. This tool has six synthetic trials and has three copies of the test. In this way, your solidarity units work or not, and you can complete the corrective measures.

AS SSD Benchmark Review

Software testing, both sequentially, as well as reading / writing, any fixed unit performance. Basically, tests are performed with cache agents, so the imageit is correct. For example, in the “Seq Test” program, the software measures the time of burning the file with a 1GB size, and then read it. When reading and writing “4K Test”, a 4KB memory lock is not selected. Another one ‘N Tests reads and writes about 4KB data about 64 threads. These tests must have a good Native Command Queuing (NCQ) status, such as IDE mode (NCQ is not allowed) and can work in AHCI mode.

SSD Benchmark interface

Software for softwareThe software, AS SSD Benchmark, gets a point above all. This can cause a lot of processes and something that can be easily shared by a disk. At the end of the test series there are three values ​​that can be read and written. Handy, they take compression sessions in graphical format, which makes them easier. For example, the graphs indicate that X-axis is easy to read compressed data. Copy toolbar toolbar. When finished, test reference for the resultsresults are generated. It is enabled to test to verify the case of the computer. Several test runs have to show device performance, in many conditions, to read and write. Another good test is a compression that shows the operation of the solid state unit according to the compression function. The disadvantages are obvious, since the user interface is only feasible, some users can leave it. That said, it is easier to perform functionalityIf you are not an expert in linguistics and look at what happens in different scenarios.

In short

It is very useful for computer engineers who try to diagnose computer problems. For example, if the situation is correct, the unit will work on the mechanism that is running. There is a problem with a computer or other computer component.

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