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If you dreamed of controlling your bus you never saw the Bus Driver.

Bus driver is a fun simulator to transport your work to travelers in the city’s environment. Your job is to be on schedule, in accordance with traffic rules and ensure that travelers do not hurt or hurt. The bus driver was realism. However, there is no such game. There are five levels of different levels, and you get bonuses for regulatory compliance and schedules for adherence, etc.

There areThe driving force of urban buses with five buses is very important for many counties, with 30 different routes and weather conditions that have been established throughout the day at different times. Depending on the type of buses depending on the driver of the bus, such as school buses, tour buses, tour bus bahkantransportasi junk environment driver Driver artificial intelligence system, even more realistic is that they “learn” your driving habits.

Vector graphics are unblocking and basic, and playableIt can be very boring, but for anyone riding a bus or a simulator to ride, the Bus Driver is very fun.

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