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Samsung Kies

Samsung Kies is the official Samsung tool for Android devices that allow you to manage your music and videos. If you have a PC and contact Samsung devices, this is an important app.

What it does

Samsung Kies also allows you to receive and install Firmware updates for your Samsung phone and to update them to match the latest Samsung releases. In addition, Samsung Kies also does it to transfer and manage communication and time between devices and mobile and Mac.

Ifyou are a Microsoft Office user, Samsung Kies also allows you to synchronize Microsoft Outlook content on your Samsung computer and mobile device. It is also very important as a secure solution because it can store data stored on mobile devices, including buttons, settings (such as general settings, Wi-Fi lists, lines, contacts, videos or photos). Note that it does not store the multimedia stored by DRM.


Although full of functions, can on SamsungChoose to be trusted.Sometimes you fail to explore Samsung hardware, it can be difficult to balance and can be very slow.

Samsung Kies feels like continuous work, it does not want to manage your phone content as easily as Apple with iTunes.


Samsung Kies is an essential tool for any Android PC and any Samsung device, but it is broken. Remember that the Samsung device will not support the Android OS version before the change

When you use your mobile deviceyou can automatically detect the updates on the available firmware of your device via the USB cable.

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