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PROTECTION, LIBRARY AND EVOLUTION! Begin a magical journey with the siblings of Reynne and Lann, who will find Grymoires mainland to rediscover their past and save the future. With intriguing and fashionable visualizations, players capture, adapt, and develop cult creatures, organize them, and create a charming yet strategic tower with giants. The unforgettable FINAL FANTASY legend becomes lively in the imaginative, colorful worldHistory is almost as small as the hero. Key Features: New Twist for ClassicBitwy: Mastery of a whole new combat system where players can use captured monsters to build mighty giant towers to fight the enemy. Use the size, elements and giants to win the fight! Capture, Personalize and Evolve: A strategy for the possibilities of infinite adaptation that transforms creatures into magic that improves, compares and extends the abilityto get new specials or just ride them on the way faster than the vast landscapes of the amazing world of verticals: plant yourself in a vertically arranged dungeon and use your magical abilities and effects to avoid obstacles and progress. In this world of ease of arranging, the sky is very limited! Add to this the following legendary creatures: Sephiroth Suit White Chocobo Glow Moogle Red BonnetberrySky DragonKaguya Flan Nidhogg 2P SerafinaIris Dark Behemoth AstraeaKobold Mimic Topaz Carbuncle 2P TamaBalthierBoko

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