Immara Company

logo-pt-immara-infoglobal Who We Are

Our name, IMMARA, was derived from the word “immaroh” which in emirates means study of change in various parts of an organism as a consequence of growth. Our symbol, the shell “tower” symbolizes the growth, and further, signifies redirection and revitalization.

Both our name and symbol are promises that we will look at every assignment as an opportunity to achieve growth and well being within the enterprise.


About Us

Founded in October 6, 1999, IMMARA Consulting is among the most recognized US based consulting groups dealing in turnaround and crisis management. We have been providing turnaround and crisis consulting services since 1999.

We were named one of the some outstanding turnaround firms in two of the last three years. Our specializations are in crisis intervention, turnaround planning, and performance enhancement for financial recovery.

We believe our experiences in overseas country be transferred to your institution in renewing the vitality of the company’s performance.

Our Indonesian partners established his company since 1999 comes from multi background and experience in engineering, banking and financial exposure. They are energetic, competence and mature people with full commitment to take role within the reforming economic condition and business situation in the country.

Our Role

Don’t ever expect that we can act as problem solver, alone in the turmoil. No body could claim that he or she was able to work alone and success. Our primary role is as counselor. Therefore project failure or success depends on the collaboration of your company’s working team and the counselor. The counselor has to operate in a unique of limited resources, elevated emotion, and distrust among most constituents, time constraints and tried patience. We have known and experienced in this condition very well.

As a counselor, we have to grow the belief to the whole stockholders such as share holders, board of director and employees, etc. Therefore, our competency integrity, and independence are the most valuable assets.



Faizal Safa, MSc
His degree in Mechanical Engineering from National Institute of Science and Technology, Master of Science from Indonesia University, PhD Candidate from Palmerston North University New Zealand and his professional certificate in quality management system. He has been working for more than fifteen years in various fields, from management wise simple project up to complicated project engineering. He was Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) in manufacture industry in ASTRA vendor company. Therefore the knowledge management and innovation process are things he always concerned. He is currently as Chairman of Industrial Engineering and Management Association in Indonesia.